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It is a hugely divided world. What binds us? Those who care Those who are awake, In tune with the common good?
And those not.
The unalienable right to freedom of expression, The freedom to live, The freedom to love.
Unisexual workwear. It takes two pieces to make one. We are the sum of our connections.
The sum of our relationships and the sum of our experience.
The sum of our collections?
I dream Jackson Pollock waking up in the Tokyo night. Lost in a sea of lights, desire and paint.
A collection of 12 pieces.
To move around the city. To pass between the Illuminati and the kings of the underworld.
Mcgregor plaid to reflect the Scottish warrior in me. Blood ties.
Red over dyes. The ghost of McLaren.
The autonomy of clothes. The power of cloth-draped, cut and sewn for the softest armor.
Heavily sourced artisan fabrics with a Japanese aesthetic.
Conceived and realized in Los Angeles. Intended for the world.
Day-to-night to weekend. Clothes to get lost in.
In a dangerous world, where spontaneity Is a prerequisite.
Sea of Sound as a lighthouse
Sea of Sound as an accomplice
Sea of Sound as a Lifestyle lynchpin.
What was broken shall be fixed.
With focus, love and detail.
Sea of Sound can save us. It does it all the time.

- Gavin Rossdale